EXERCISE – Positioning a Point

This exercise required me to take three pictures that demonstrate the positioning of a point in an image.

In this first image i used the pencil sharpener as a point on a black background and then to add more interest I added a graphic theme using alternating pencil colours to point at the point, the image was a little tongue in cheek but overall achieved the goal I was looking for.

_MG_4113 Lines In this image I chose to place the point on the classic intersection of the top and left thirds line thus obeying conventional wisdom on composition.

This type of choice rarely goes wrong, there is a reason that the rule of thirds exists an that is because generally it works as a rule of composition, the danger is that we should not become too bound in rules and should on occasion challenge them in order to create work that strays outside of conventional wisdom sometimes this will work sometimes it wont but I do think that it is important to try. However for this exercise it seemed appropriate for the first image to conform.

Close up Mums Garden-8791The center of this flower forms a point, because the point is much lighter than the rest of the flower this point draws in the eye following that rule that the eye is drawn to the brightest parts of the image

Close up Mums Garden-8791 LinesThe point exists in this image on the vertical center line and offset to the right of the horizontal center. Centering the horizon line works because of the symmetry of the image, and is stronger because the vertical Line through the point is shifted to the right edging to conform to the rule of thirds. This image may have been stronger with a tighter cropping of the right hand side of the image, but this would have taken away some of the form of the flower so the decision to crop more aggressively would have been a trade off.

Close up Mums Garden-8781

Close up Mums Garden-8781 linesThe last image attempts to place the point in the center of the image, this image seems to go against the rule of the lightest part of the image draws the eye first, I find my eye being drawn into the black hole, which either means that the creation of a point over rules the lightest first rule or that there is some other rule about dark sinister places in photographs

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