_MG_5096_7_8_LinesFor the first image I chose a shot of the front of a CVS pharmacy in Atlanta Georgea, this is the center of a building with two wings, the round porch-way sits atop the entrance to the store, the curved brickwork and the plastered concrete portions break up the image and convey a sense of roundness and curving to the image. It is very central and not the best composition I think it may have worked better if the wings of the building were visible and straight to emphasize the curve, however the actual building was built with the two wings at different heights and so the image I describe looks unbalanced and uneven I guess its more of an architectural problem again why don’t they build them to photograph better.


_MG_5334_5_6_LineLittle Park in Downtown Cincinnati sits directly opposite the hotel I often stay in when working for one of my Cincinnati based customers, it has been the source of several images. this time I was looking out of the hotel window and noticed the two circles, and took this shot hoping it would work for this assignment, Freeman in his book The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos, sugeats that an image like this with two circles implies an s curve, which you can imagine if you look at the two red circles on the companion image. there is certainly a lot of circular and curving motion in the layout of this image. I wanted to take this at night because the trees are full of little lights its quite magical, however the shot taken using HDR no longer emphasized the curves, its an interesting contrast as it shows how the available light can change the composition quite radically.


_MG_5510-LinesThe third image drew me as the name of the building also in Downtown Cincinnati was the Guildford Building, which drew me as Guildford is very close to my home, So I took several images of this building. This image of the entrance door struck me as it contains several circles in the arch and the plaques on each side of the door. The sense of of circular movement is broken in this image because of the straight sides of the door form an arch rather than a round portal.


_MG_5532_3_4_LinesThe last image of a wall surrounding a building in 5th street Cincinnati the wall curves to follow the contour of the circular entrance to the building.

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