EXERCISE – Diagonals


IMG_0645-EditIn my first image a strong diagonal line is created where the lavendar is planted by rows.

IMG_0645-EditLineThe gap between the rows forms a darker patch between the lavendar by taking this image slightly to the side of the rows it creates the impression of a line running diagonally across the image.

_MG_5271The next image is a graphical pattern formed by cropping tightly into a trellis.

The slats of the trellis crossing each other create a series of parallel lines which lay diagonaly across the image

_MG_5307Three flights of stairs outside my hotel form the basis for the next example

The stair case is formed of several alternating flights of stairs photographed from the side they form a series of alternating diagonal lines that zig zag up the image

_MG_2947The last image was taken in Little Park Cincinnati.

The long row of flag poles flying the american flag forms a row of objects that form a diagonal line running into the picture, the path also forms a diagonal line also moving to the same vanishing point. This photo shows how a solid line like a path can describe a diagonal and also how a series of similar objects can do the same the flags are a series of points that describe a line like the one of the toy soldiers in the multiple points exercise. This image shows how the two lines can emphasise each other by leading to the same point, this image may have been even stronger if there were something to draw the eye stronger than the tree. If the tree were removed and there were some grand entrance to the red brick building this may have been very effective. For some reason people just wont chop down trees and re build the frontys of their buildings for “The Art Of Photography” no commitment some people

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