EXERCISE – Multiple Points

_MG_5632In this still life exercise I chose to use these toy soldiers as points in the image.

For the first image I went for a symettical arrangement with two soldiers balancing each other diagonally across the image. It is also worth noting that the other two corners balance each other through the use of negative space.

_MG_5640In Image 2 I decided to form a line on the right hand side of the image gathering together all the soldiers with red highlights, and moving the original green soldier to balance the left. I find this image balances because the single soldier is a different color to the rest and the large negative space above him also adds weight to the left hand side of the image. this creates a vertical line on the right and a triangle when joining all the soldiers.

_MG_5641In the third image I added another green soldier to the to left of the image, I attempted to make this balance by having the three red soldier closer together and create some diagonal lines leading in to them from the green soldiers. If I am honest this did not really work as well as I had anticipated, on reflection repositioning the red soldiers either closer together or into a triangle with its apex to the right may have made a stronger composition.

_MG_5644Pacing a third green soldier between the other two on the left of the image and repositioning the red soldiers creates two vertical lines that remind me of a six on a dice. This is still not a strong composition to me but it is the set up for the final two compositions.

_MG_5645In the penultimate image the two halves of the composition are tied together with a diagonal line by placing the next green soldier in a position between the two ranks.

In the final image the diagonal tie is reinforced by adding the last soldier and strengthening the diagonal line.

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