EXERCISE – Real & Implied Triangles

Triangles appear evrywhere in Life they can be real shapes or can be formed by three points in the image forming the triangle.

In this exercise I was challenged to search out examples of both. The first three images are formed from real triangles ie things that are triangular.

Real Triangles

“Find a subject which is itself triangular (it can be a detail of something larger)”


_MG_5833 line

The first image is of the bulwark on the side of a slipway on the Basingstoke canal two sides are formed from the edges of the steel bulwark and the third side from the line where the plates meet the water. this forms another intresting piece of symetry as we see the reflection of the the bulwark in the water.

“Make a triangle by perspective, converging towards the top of the frame”


_MG_5892_3_4HDR lines

The second image has been taken with a wide angle lens from a low perspective pointing up looking at the corner of a house, the strong converging perspective caused by the wide angle lens forms a strong real triangle from the walls of the house.

“Make an inverted triangle, also by perspective, converging towards the bottom of the frame.”


_MG_5904-Edit lines

My third image is formed by using an inverted vase with square sides and taking the image with a wide angle lens close and from the top. The vase forms several triangles which are inverted as can be seen in the inset to the left.

“Make a still-life arrangement of five or six objects to produce a triangle with the apex at the top”

Under-construction_icon2 Still life 1

“Make a still-life arrangement as above , but so that the triangle is inverted with the apex at the bottom”

Under-construction_icon2 Still life 2

“Arrange three people in a group picture in such a way that either their faces or the lines of their bodies makes a triangle.”


_MG_5964-Edit lines

In this image of my family an implied triangle is formed by the heads of my wif and two daughters, with my daughters forming the bas on top and my wife forming the apex at the botom

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