EXERCISE – Colour relationships

This Exercise is in two parts the first part concerns itself with finding colour relationships, using the colour wheel I was challenged to find an image that contained the primary colour and its complementary colour this meant finding Red and Green, Blue and Orange, Yellow and Violet.
Because colours like violet are very dark and colours such as yellow are very bright, they have a different impact on the image so if you want two colours to balance you need to consider the amount of each colour that exists within each image, Freeman quotes the following ratios:
Red:Green – 1:1
Orange:Blue – 1:2
Yellow:Violet 1:3

so for this assignment were were to follow this as best as we could. I have to admit to being rather OCD in the way I tackled blue orange I actually made Photoshop count the pixels of each and cropped it until it was correct. That took so long I just guessed in the others and I think that was probably the intended method anyway.

The other thing about this exercise was how insanely difficult it is to find these colours yellow violet being the worst where I ended up taking a picture of a flag, no prix pictet winner there I assure you.

So the images for the first part:

Red Green-7067

Red – Green

Orange Blue-

Blue – Orange


Yellow – Violet

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