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EXERCISE – Controling the strength of a colour

Color Strength (5 of 5)


Color Strength (4 of 5)


Color Strength (3 of 5)


Color Strength (2 of 5)


Color Strength (1 of 5)


The Brief for this exercise was to take an images where the exposure was varied from -1 stop to + 1 stop in half stop increments with a predominant colour filling the frame.

The object of the exercise is to demonstrate the strength of the colour and how it can be varied by changes in exposure.

My first problem was the camera, it is set to change in third stops so after messing around in the depths of the setup I found the option to force the camera to change in half stop increments, I prefer the third stop setting for normal use as it gives a finer control however the exercise calls for the half stop setting so I duly changed it and headed out looking for a subject.

Red is a strong colour and demonstrates this principle well as the changes are quite noticeable, I tried a blue subject which did not work anywhere near as well as this post box so I settled on these images for the exercise.

You can clearly see the image getting brighter as it is stopped up and the strength of the red changing as it gets brighter, stopped all the way down it tends to black stopped up it tends to white, so clearly there are some implications for exposure and creativity attached to the exact exposure used and its connection to the colour in the frame.

4 Responses to “EXERCISE – Controling the strength of a colour”

  1. stephenbarney

    I tend to agree with you Catherine, it seems to me that the modules focus of how to use your camera while the object of the degree is about how to express your inner self in fine art using a camera. I have just started doing the light section of the course and the exercises are rather puerile in my opinion its all designed to let you know that the light is different at different times of the day (Who Knew!) and things like what ISO does etc. Reading through the exercises I am fairly sure that from a technical perspective there is not much to learn, the assignment is designed to make you show how you can change the reading of an image by the use of light, or at least that’s how I read it and Sharron’s advice mirrors this. I hope this is why they are re writing a lot of the modules it will be interesting to see how that goes as it looks like I may end up doing some of the new modules, too late for level 1 though.

    The up side is that I am having a lot of fun working through this stuff, but I would love an assignment that said go take a portfolio of images that relate to each other and some inner story, I could get lost in that I think.

    How are the woods are you making any more in roads to the passage of people through it or are you done with that now?

    • Catherine

      Well – Assignment 5 certainly allows you to do that and I think your enthusiasm is very infectious. I’m still “In the Woods” and there’s more to add. I want to do that before I start to write Assignment 5.

      • stephenbarney

        Well the assignment for light is interesting I think it may well be possible to connect telling the story with the technical requirements of the module, it wants me to demonstrate shape form texture and colour using light that I know how to do its standard lighting theory what is interesting is trying to make the viewer read the image differently based on the lighting. Sharron cited Alfred Hitchcock films as an example this is much more challenging I built a wooden cross in the workshop and I am now experimenting, i mostly have done shots with studio lighting in my shed but I want to try using them on location outside for some ideas I have power is the challenge though and dry days

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