EXERCISE – Primary and Secondary Colours

The object of this assignment was to find a subject with each of the three primary and three secondary colours as the predominant colour and take a series of images with the central image exposed as the camera metered it and the other two half a stop up and half a stop down, giving a bracket of 1 stop across the whole series of three images.

With my Canon 7D it is possible to set the exposure compensation to automatically bracket the exposure like this and all that is needed is to set up the frame and take three exposures the camera looks after the bracketing so ?I decided to use this feature for this exercise, one important tip is to remember you set it like this and not go off shooting other things in this mode unless you need a bracketed image. On the up side the camera re sets this when switched off so unlike most of the other settings it wont hang around until your next shoot like a white balance or iso setting will.

Red Minus Half-7032Red-7032Red Plus Half-7032

Yellow minus Half-7250 Yellow-7250 Yellow Plus Half-7250

Blue Minus Half-Blue-Blue Plus Half-

Orange minus half-7321Orange-7321Orange Plus Half-7321

Green Minus Half-Green-Green Plus Half-

Violet Minus Half-7069Violet-7068Violet Plus Half-7070

The most striking thing about this assignment was finding the colours in the first place which seemed overly difficult, I restricted my self to naturally occurring colours which made it worse in hindsight I don’t know why i did that as I don’t think it added anything to the assignment and popping a daughter in an orange jumper in a scene or something would have made the process shorter.

However we did manage to drive over a hundred miles searching for colours and got a visit to Fishborne Roman palace in the process which delighted Claire and helped her with her degree so may be it was a good thing as we had a lot of fun searching.

The yellow gorse bush was a trial as it was on a very dangerous road with no where to park but it was too compelling to miss and there for such a fleeing moment in time, this was the only bush in the whole group with this mad abundance of flowers, My mother who is something of a flora person tells me that its a disease that causes it to over flower. Strange but really rather beautiful to see in real life, I am not sure if the pictures do it justice.

One thing I think I did learn which I don’t think I have ever considered before is how colours appear in nature, the pure colours are often man made nature seems to blend things subtly well except in flowers maybe which I guess could have been the focus for all of this but it did feel a trifle obvious.

I think I do need to watch that I see this course doing two things the exercises being a more prescribed thing where I go out and fill the brief i.e. get a yellow picture, the assignments need to be interpreted and themed, they are where I think I should develop the illusive voice.

Following that plan I does give me more opportunity to get out with the camera as my church theme is rather restricted by the opening times of churches and the booking of slots to do the work, the exercises give me the chance to shoot all sorts of stuff with less pressure and I think the two complement each other and form a bit of a pressure valve. I don’t think anything stunning will come from the exercises but It allows me to play a bit.

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