TAOP 4 Preparation

This assignment came hot on the heals of the Colour assignment which had taken a lot from me, I had been drawing deeply from my experiences from Cincinnati to through to my adoption of St Mary’s as a place of worship. When I started looking at the light assignment I was determined to create another heart wrenching bit of work but the inspiration for that completely eluded me. I spent ages taking hundreds of pictures of crosses that simply did not work. I noted from the feed back on assignment 3 that the text was stronger than the images and that from what I had learned of iconography I was drawing deeply on my personal Iconography and this left the viewer a little disconnected as the images were not so strongly linked to the text for them. This is a valuable lesson I will draw on again in the future, I also spent some time at a TV group meeting with Clive White who had the attitude that we should let the work flow from us in the manner of the Flanneur rather than the iconographic structuring of the advertising agency. This rang a note with me and I did feel a little like I was rather over thinking an constructing my work. I took a little break and produced the workflow assignment for DPP which was just about found letters and this took me out of the over constructed funk I was in and let the images flow freely, I have to say I really enjoyed producing that set of images.

I came back to this assignment afresh and through some research I had been doing into Edward Weston decided to find a bit of wood to photograph which is where this assignment found its legs.

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