TAOP5 Narrative – Discussion

I found this assignment a hard one to get the right focus, the problem has been that right from the early stages of assignment 2 I knew what I was going to do for this assignment and as I got closer discussions with various tutors and on the forums slowly blew the idea apart.

I was sitting in church on a Sunday morning and watching the vicar prepare for the holy communion there is a line where the vicar says “and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me.” at which point the vicar who uses a big loaf of crusty bread in our church; breaks the bread and opens his arms in a cross holding one half in each hand, I looked at this display and though there was a wonderful photo opportunity right in front of me.

I had it in mind to use this image as the basis for a narrative on the holy communion, one line from Clive white drove this out of my mind completely when he said at one of the workshops how bad it was when someone did the life of a vet or something, well this was really just the life of a vicar idea squashed! Also in a telephone conversation whith Sharon she had said that that she did not like the idea much so it was gone leaving a void!

I tried to do a series on the making of a roman helmet cake by my daughter blew loads of time and film on it and the results were awful so that hit the dirt, I tried to do a series on Tudor buildings that was not a narrative so threw that out, there were so many bad ideas.

I feel that I managed to do some work that tapped into my soul in assignment three but I have not been able to do anything like that since. I wonder if the people around me have put a stick in that wheel because everyone keeps encouraging me to do non religious work, and the most inspired work I do seems to feed on the art of religion. This is something I will have to explore.

Finally I hit on something that was close to my heart, the hard times we have been going through, the economic strife we have witnessed over the last five or six years have completely re structured my life the company I own has been hit really hard we had to down size a lot and finally this year we entered a merger which has seen a rescue to the bad times. This pressure is a strong source for artistic work and I hit on a notion to depict it. The idea was to show hard times by taking images of all the closed and derelict buildings and businesses I see everywhere I go, some of which have connections to my past.

When I went out to do this I discovered something that was both frustrating and heart lifting, most of the premises I thought were candidates were either refurbished or in the process of being developed, some of the ones I captured have since started the process of being bought back to life. I suppose this is a sign that the hard times are going away witch is good but it was tougher to find candidate buildings for this study, it does show the ebb and flow of human existence and made me think I should go back to each location in 5 or 10 years and re photograph to see what time brings I may even do this yearly or every two or three years and build a portfolio over time we shall see.

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