Assignment 5 Narrative and Illustration

Open College of the Arts
Artist Statement

Student name Stephen Barney Student number
Course/Module The Art of Photography Assignment Five

Hard Times

I was inspired by the difficult economic times we live in to create this narrative. I wanted to create a view on our economic plight seen from the outside looking in at the problem. All of the buildings in this series are significant to me personally representing places that have had some impact on my life in the past and are now derelict. I wanted to explore the subject by showing from a distance the degradation in the establishment.

Each of these places should be overrun with human life an most were really busy in their day, now they sit idle and no one walks their boundaries anymore.

I wanted to work in Black and White to create a somber mood for my depiction of hard times it felt appropriate to work this way and it proved a great opportunity to move away from the digital camera and work in medium format film as a way of expressing my self and of constraining my practice.

The experience has allowed me to slow down and get the image right rather than blast away with limitless bracketing and memory card space. The use of an old film camera was somehow fitting in the context of narrating hard times.

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